My parents are trying to sell their house and so I was talking with my mom and she was talking about how she needs to “de-clutter”. She said often times she will get something new and add to but forgets to take something away. I started thinking about this later and went a few places in my head with it.

One as it relates to life are there things in our life that are distracting us from our true potential? Do we clutter our lives with several different tasks or activities and stretch ourselves too thin? Is there times that we should take away something instead of just constantly adding on leading to too much clutter in our lives? Just something to ponder.

Secondly, as it relates to de-cluttering our homes one would ask is it clutter if it makes us comfortable? Now I have seen clutter like in the instance of hoarders and that usually makes me uncomfortable. Its a bit ironic that in order to sell our homes we have to make it look unlived in to attract certain buyers. I think that yes we should not have a house full of “dust collectors” but if tastefully done why not have your mantle showcase the things or people you love.

All I can say is live in such a way that you are not “cluttered” by the stress you put on yourself and maybe simplify so that you can showcase your beauty (just like my mom is having to do with de-cluttering her shelves to showcase the beauty of the wood).



As a mother this is the question you get asked most, “Are you going breastfeed?” I would think most mothers  would say they would like to if it’s possible but so much goes into the process they don’t prepare you for.

What they do tell you: it’s healthiest for the baby, mom looses baby weight faster, it’s free,it’s natural.

What they don’t tell you: it’s hard to get the hang of, you will be sore even if you are”perfect” at getting them latched properly, you’re basically attached to baby the first month and beyond, you will want to pump, you’ll leak, you’ll have less sleep because it’s you not your husband who gets up to feed,if you work it is really hard to keep up with.

From my experience it was really hard with Jacob he loved to suck and I never knew if he was hungry or just wanted comfort making for a tough start. Eventually I and  Jacob got the hang of it. I was a working mom so the struggle to keep up was  hard however I was able to pump or nurse because Jacob was at the nursery at my work. One struggle I had was Jacob was sleeping through the night but I had to set my alarm and get up every night to pump one because I was leaking and also because I needed enough for him for the time  I couldn’t  be there to feed him.  One  benefit was when we went to Uganda it was such a blessing to be able to feed Jacob when there was a lack of milk and nutrition especially as we travelled. So with baby number two surprisingly it was no question I would breastfeed her too.

Another popular question is how long? I set a goal of one year because then it was safe for him to have cow  milk and thankfully I was able to keep that goal. I have had family and friends who also breast fed and duration was anywhere from 6 months  to 2 years. I also had friends and family that couldn’t breastfeed due to the child’s allergy to milk, just couldn’t due to having multiples, working full-time or it was  too difficult physically.

So as natural as it is don’t beat yourself up if you don’t meet the expectations of  yourself or others. The main goal is for a healthy baby and however you obtain this do it.

Ps another thing you’ll have to adjust is your wardrobe so if anything you have a good excuse to go shopping.


Lets Get Acquainted

I have been wanting to do this for a while but due to the craziness of life, a full-time job, mother of a toddler, wife, and expecting baby #2 it took a few weeks to get it all set up. I am hoping that this blog will be inspirational, thought-provoking, funny, and relate-able.

Some background

I am almost 30 11-6-83 I have been married almost 7 years 10-7-06 to my wonderful husband Matt. We have two kids Jacob who is two on July 4 and Parker born May 20.

I was raised in Nebraska went to college in Bolivar Missouri at Southwest Baptist University and have a degree in criminal justice and upper level sociology. I have been a social worker  and most recently was a child behavior specialist. However my proudest work was as a missionary in Uganda which started in my second year of marriage and is still ongoing. Matt and I started Rising Star Ministries to help the children in Uganda change their future and ending poverty by starting early, teaching creatively, aiming high, and reaching potential.

I am looking forward to  sharing my life  with you.