As a mother this is the question you get asked most, “Are you going breastfeed?” I would think most mothers  would say they would like to if it’s possible but so much goes into the process they don’t prepare you for.

What they do tell you: it’s healthiest for the baby, mom looses baby weight faster, it’s free,it’s natural.

What they don’t tell you: it’s hard to get the hang of, you will be sore even if you are”perfect” at getting them latched properly, you’re basically attached to baby the first month and beyond, you will want to pump, you’ll leak, you’ll have less sleep because it’s you not your husband who gets up to feed,if you work it is really hard to keep up with.

From my experience it was really hard with Jacob he loved to suck and I never knew if he was hungry or just wanted comfort making for a tough start. Eventually I and  Jacob got the hang of it. I was a working mom so the struggle to keep up was  hard however I was able to pump or nurse because Jacob was at the nursery at my work. One struggle I had was Jacob was sleeping through the night but I had to set my alarm and get up every night to pump one because I was leaking and also because I needed enough for him for the time  I couldn’t  be there to feed him.  One  benefit was when we went to Uganda it was such a blessing to be able to feed Jacob when there was a lack of milk and nutrition especially as we travelled. So with baby number two surprisingly it was no question I would breastfeed her too.

Another popular question is how long? I set a goal of one year because then it was safe for him to have cow  milk and thankfully I was able to keep that goal. I have had family and friends who also breast fed and duration was anywhere from 6 months  to 2 years. I also had friends and family that couldn’t breastfeed due to the child’s allergy to milk, just couldn’t due to having multiples, working full-time or it was  too difficult physically.

So as natural as it is don’t beat yourself up if you don’t meet the expectations of  yourself or others. The main goal is for a healthy baby and however you obtain this do it.

Ps another thing you’ll have to adjust is your wardrobe so if anything you have a good excuse to go shopping.


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