My parents are trying to sell their house and so I was talking with my mom and she was talking about how she needs to “de-clutter”. She said often times she will get something new and add to but forgets to take something away. I started thinking about this later and went a few places in my head with it.

One as it relates to life are there things in our life that are distracting us from our true potential? Do we clutter our lives with several different tasks or activities and stretch ourselves too thin? Is there times that we should take away something instead of just constantly adding on leading to too much clutter in our lives? Just something to ponder.

Secondly, as it relates to de-cluttering our homes one would ask is it clutter if it makes us comfortable? Now I have seen clutter like in the instance of hoarders and that usually makes me uncomfortable. Its a bit ironic that in order to sell our homes we have to make it look unlived in to attract certain buyers. I think that yes we should not have a house full of “dust collectors” but if tastefully done why not have your mantle showcase the things or people you love.

All I can say is live in such a way that you are not “cluttered” by the stress you put on yourself and maybe simplify so that you can showcase your beauty (just like my mom is having to do with de-cluttering her shelves to showcase the beauty of the wood).


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