Bonding time

Parker has been an early riser and lately I have been taking advantage of our time together before others are awake. As I look at her through my sleepy eyes ¬†she smiles back with eyes big and alert, I can’t help but be thankful for such a blessing from God.

It has been fun to reflect on past milestones Jacob had and now Parker is experiencing. I got caught up last night in watching videos on my phone dating back to when Jacob was trying to walk for the first time.

Mornings for me offer so much joy as my big boy each morning hair all a mess comes and gives me hugs first thing…wonder how long that will last (hopefully until graduation).

Matt leaves this Saturday to spend time in Uganda and I am sure he will miss his own unique bonding moments. This will be a time where I will get to make some special memories with the kids and we will be ready for him when he comes back(all bonded out ;).

I leave you all with this thought cherish all the moments you get with your kids even when they might have been unexpected.