Sacrifice…or is it?


Definition of sacrifice-the offering of anything to God. When defined like this it doesn’t sound bad at all. But why do I (and my guess others) associate sacrifice as having to give up something and lose out on its benefit? Ok so I may think that if I “sacrifice” my wants like not eating my sons Halloween candy then I am giving up something; but there should be a gain too, right.  Maybe I don’t put on weight or get a cavity, have extra to bribe (I mean reward) with.

On the spiritual side of things, I may give my time to spend in prayer verses sleep; reading my Bible instead of Facebook. Right now I am sacrificing my right arm to Parker so she can sleep, thus making it hard to type.  But let’s look at reward for sacrifice; answers to prayer, insight and wisdom, rest for a child and accomplishment for me.

Maybe we don’t always have to sacrifice maybe we just have to be willing. Abraham for his son Isaac in Genesis 22, if you are familiar with the story Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son because God told him to and because he showed he was willing God spared him from having to do it.

Just over five years ago my husband and I sacrificed two good jobs and the comforts of American life to answer a call to serve in Uganda. We did have plenty that we sacrificed and without going into the details of it we ended up in my eyes definitely gaining more than what we sacrificed. We also had many during that time that sacrificed for us; but I would hope they too would say that it didn’t end up being a sacrifice at all, rather rewarding.

We are ready to sacrifice again and this time you could look at it as a greater sacrifice than that before. We are wanting to continue our ministry Rising Star Ministries on the front lines. We have had two kids and we feel that God has rewarded us with these little blessings and is now asking us to give it all back to Him. We want to leave asap as we are really feeling that we need to follow what God is leading us to without hesitation.

In order for us to leave we have made sacrifices financially and with our time to raise awareness and funds to help get us there. We need others to sacrifice with us financially and with time also. How? Become a monthly sponsor for us, if you would be willing to set aside 20 bucks a month (5 dollars a week) for a year and see how God can use that monetary sacrifice to help change your life, our lives and the lives of those in Uganda; I guarantee that it would not look like a sacrifice to you at the end of that year.

Sacrifice your time too, in prayer we need help supernaturally; I also guarantee it won’t be time wasted. Lastly, sacrifice your time in telling others about our ministry and asking them to also sacrifice time and money. time well spent.


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