New year beginnings

I never have been one for new years resolutions. I may have wanted to maybe do something different in the new year but never really tried to make a list or keep myself accountable to following through with said goal. However there are definately things that I want to happen in this new year of 2014. One “goal” would be that there definately is a desire to relocate. Where? Uganda! When? In 2014.  I should have prefist this with saying all goals are only attainable if God is also wanting these things to happen. And in no particular order I would also like the following to happen at some point and are allowed to repeat.

Both children to sleep through the night and on occasion are allowed to sleep past 6am.

Blog posts to happen more frequently and with less interuption from everything else that “needs” my attention.

Lose baby fat and proceed to not gain any bad habit weight.

Health for all my family and friends and make better efforts at physically seeing or talking to friends and not rely on FB to keep me connected.

The list is longer in my heart but to keep from boring the reader and because my time is limited (always), I would close in saying that the most important resolution would be to keep God the center of my life and to share His love and forgiveness to all that are impacted by my decisions.

May God be your top priority this 2014 (and beyond)and may it be the one thing that you don’t break.


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