I recently read an article and it made me think about what humans think their role is on this planet. As a Christian I believe we are told specific instructions in the Bible on what we are to do while here on earth. As a missionary who plans to return to Uganda there are people who question why my family is traveling across the world to help people when there are people who need help right here in North Omaha. Well here is my answer as best that I can express it; I was told to by God. Not a good enough answer here are some other reasons.

When doing a search on organizations that help others in Omaha there was a list 173 pages long, this was just for Omaha, Ne a little city in the grand scheme of America. How many organizations helping Gayaza, Uganda, Africa a little city about the same population but smaller geographical area? Well I know of one ours Rising Star Ministries and a few others that go unrecognized unless you are living with the people in Uganda.

It is frustrating in any city, state, country or continent that there are people in need, but to be honest we as a people put it on ourselves. Harsh, well it all started with Adam and Eve and the fall of mankind when sin entered the world. Often times our troubles come from choices we make as individuals whether it is choices made for us by our parents or our leaders or by us specifically. For example, the problems of Uganda you could say started by poor choices by government leaders, but also there were individuals with hate that created horrible conditions for generations to come. We have a child who’s parents make poor choices and spend what very little money they have on themselves and now we have a child who has never even been to school and he is 9 years old.

The problems we have in North Omaha are often due to bad choices made by previous generations and then passed down to continue a cycle of worse choices. Why is it that some people can escape the traps of hate and violence? I believe it comes down to choices….

This is where roles come in. I believe that it is my role to share the LOVE of JESUS CHRIST to EVERYONE. Whether it is my next door neighbor in Benson or a stranger in North Omaha, a child in Uganda or someone I meet at the grocery store or library. The ONLY way that there is hope for OUR future is if we put our trust in JESUS CHRIST and share His love to those around us. As a parent I have taken on a responsibility to help our next generation and to do that I need to lead by example.

So instead of always talking about change and help we need to do our part and figure out what our role is in this world that God created. (Wherever that may be!) Give Hope


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