“All by myself” ~Jacob

Jacobs favorite phrase these days is a variation of doing things “all by myself”. Whether it be changing his clothes, going to the bathroom, eating his food, or getting in and out of the car he says, I did it all by myself or I can do it all by myself.

This is great if only it were totally true. At times he can’t find something and as we help him when he gets the item he says to the other parent all proud “I found it ALL by myself!” He is then asked who found it and then reluctantly tells the truth.

Independence is great when it is helpful to all parties involved. Jacob has been pretty great at being able to play independently and get dropped off at a daycare or sunday school class. Now that he is potty trained he does well at just informing and then proceeding to the bathroom to take care of business. He is doing well at going to bed with just a few things like flashlights and his Bible and then we say a prayer, give kisses and that’s that…(usually and just recently).

However our little princess Parker although in a very different development stage and age is not very independent. She doesn’t like to be left to play unless mommy is really close to her, she needs to be nursed to sleep and used to sleep through the night but now usually wakes at least once and then REALLY early in the morning. She is becoming more independent by force and a little by choice as now she is very mobile to the point of almost walking (watch out!)

All this being said it is nice to be wanted and utilized but is equally as awesome to have independent children. Things get done and momma doesn’t go bonkers when she is able to step away for a moment to relax.