In limbo

As most of you who know me and my family, you know we are planning on leaving to return to Uganda. As we prepare it has its challenges, first and foremost we don’t have all the monthly pledges yet and have the humbling task of trying to secure those. I am trying to mentally, physically and spiritually prepare for the here and now, the act of going and then the life we will lead there.

Mental struggles- Trying to wrap my head, heart and soul around the journey of the whole process. I sometimes focus too much on the future and get frustrated that it isn’t happening now. Recently I have been really trying to enjoy the time leading up to the change and that it is just as important. I at times will just overlook the important role that I currently play as wife, mother and friend.

Physical- So we are going to be shipping our belongings in a sea container and when talking with the company they informed us that they will be doing all the packing. Ahhh I am so struggling with giving that control. You maybe thinking that is awesome someone packs it all and moves it for you. Well my problem is this I want it done my way, I don’t want anything to get damaged (regardless of replacement promises), its too last minute and then boom we have an empty house. It takes careful planning and we are told to not do any packing. The reason being that it will then get through customs without much of a problem (so they say).

Spiritually- Having been to Uganda before and knowing the spiritual warfare it can take on myself, I am also working on my life. I am working on strengthening my relationship with God, husband and children.

I will leave you with this encouragement, whatever you are doing or preparing for remember that you should also focus on the here and now. You don’t want to miss a blessing along your journey.


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