“gotta have luvs”

I am not sure how many of you have seen the commercial advertising the LUVS brand diapers. They are referencing how the parent behaved with the first child and then how they behaved with the second child. It is pretty funny and very accurate at least to a point in this household.

I try not to compare one child to another but its hard, especially when you go to the doctors office and they compare your child to others. Percentiles, milestones and cuteness…its hard not to try and “keep up with the Joneses”. Facebook has increased this pressure to compare as people post pictures and brag about their child  ( I do it too). Most of the time it can be helpful but at times jealousy can enter in the picture, and then you make it into an annoying post competition.

Comparing siblings is where I am finding my problem. “Well with Jacob we did this and it worked.” Parker is so different from Jacob in a lot of ways but there are some similarities. I am just trying to do my best at making changes where necessary to accomidate her needs. I will still compare growth and milestones, but not in a way that discounts how wonderfully unique they both are.


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