Starting traditions

Holidays are known for doing things that you grew up doing or making up your own things to do if you didn’t like or didn’t do anything for those holidays. As Easter came and went I thought to myself what traditions do I want to start with my kids? What holidays do we recognize and celebrate and what do they mean to us as Christians? Americans? This question is something I need to think about as we are preparing to leave for another country that has their own unique holidays and traditions.
I made a calendar this year and I put what I considered important dates to remember, like birthdays and holidays. Earth day was yesterday and even though I knew it was on the calendar that manufactures make I didn’t really do anything to “celebrate”. I tend to “honor” certain holidays by doing an art project with the kids, putting up decorations that “represent” that specific season.
I pose this thought though what is the significance of celebrating holidays? Go to target, walmart, or michaels and you can pretty much celebrate any holiday except maybe 420 ;0 (that requires traveling to legal states). But seriously what holidays are important lessons that I can teach my kids about my heritage or my Christian faith?
Mothers day is coming up and my husband does a great job at honoring me and trying to have the kids participate a little bit by picking out the card. I am usually asked for ideas for gifts but usually he does a better job than I could ever suggest. To be honest I am not much of a gift giver like my husband is. I am more about the memory, picture taken, card or family time spent. My love language is quality time that is fun and tantrum/argue free.
So no matter what holidays you do celebrate, I hope that you are making memories that are positive and will reflect well on throughout the generations that follow.
I will leave you with one memory of my childhood regarding the Easter tradition. My Grandma Dee was around us usually during major holidays and she would generally give some kind of cute little gift an egg with money in it (that was when we were older). I remember mostly that it was a time that we would always go to church to celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection, dress up more than normal and always, always have to take a family photo. And although I didn’t like posing for pictures at the time, I will proudly carry on two of those traditions, celebrating Jesus and taking pictures of family.


Greif- a personal reflection

Unfortunately this year and especially these past few months I have experienced deaths.  Both deaths were sudden but I dealt with them differently. The first one was the loss of a child, my good friends son whom I had been watching for several months each monday. He passed away suddenly during nap on a tuesday. You can imagine how hard it was to digest the truth that one moment he was here and the next gone. The grief process took quite awhile to sort through as I also had to process that my friend lost her child and I still had mine. It was hard to work through all the different emotions, but really what got me through it was the strength of my friend.  I clung to the truth of Christ and though at times I felt it wasn’t fair, I knew that God is a just God. 

Then my dearest Grandma Dee passed away in her sleep, an eerie similarity. However the age difference was a large gap, she still died at a young age 77. The greif was different, in many ways I cried less and dealt with it differently. Maybe Grahams death prepared me for my grandmothers death, she was able to live a full abundant life. She was a believer in Christ, thus no doubt she is in a way better place than Earth. I was able to spend 30 years with her and only 11months with Graham. 

At times I was mad at myself for not crying over my grandma’s death, I was sad but I think my mourning was different because there was more of a hope and such a great legacy left.

One thing that is undeniable between the two experiences is that God was honored at both funerals and His name is to be praised. I am so thankful that I have Christ in my life and that I can experience great loss and still draw closer to Him. I am hopeful that both tragedies will bring more people to know, trust and experience God.