Baby fat

Oh what a fun topic right?! So weight loss and gain have never been something I really liked to focus on but others tend to bring it up. Earlier this year I started reading a book with some ladies called “Made to Crave”, it has been a good read. At first it really was not about struggling with addition to food but rather trying to focus on being addicted to Christ. Like most diets I have had good runs and then ultimately failed and “gained back” or went back to the previous state of dormancy. I can compare my relationship with Christ to that of dieting it needs to be a way of life with no quick fixes. Time needs to be made to keep it sustained and it takes lots of dedication to keep it up.

Personal reflection, it was a lot easier with the first child to lose all the weight and then some that I gained in pregnancy. I felt great and looked great (so people said). But life was different too, I was working full time and chasing after one child, nursing/pumping during lunch breaks and in the middle of the night. I was well rested a lot sooner and life was stable.

This time around I am not working outside the home, I have two children to chase but the weight hasn’t really been able to fully come off. I know it has some to do with inactivity in the same capacity and eating choices. I am not unhealthy by any means but I do have weight to lose. Thankfully it is now the season of better weather and activities outside with the kids will hopefully help the process along and of course some better choices in eating.

To sum it all up we all have different seasons in our lives where we struggle with something and it is important to own those difficulties and work to correct them. I would suggest to surround yourselves with people who have concurred those obstacles and if you don’t have a relationship with God or one that needs some attention, that would also be a great place to start. God will provide all your needs according to His will which is pleasing and perfect…

Let me know what your struggles are and how I might encourage or support you on your journey, and pray for me as I try and balance life with kiddo, husband and weight all while putting my relationship with God first.