Parker Renee

My little Parker is not so little anymore, the little bean is one. But, the changes over this past month in her 13th month of life have been crazy. She runs, yes runs and that usually means the little swivel hips also falls. She is a talker, and is very verbal, now she can only say about 5 words but she rarely is quiet. I can count the activities where she is quiet on one hand; sleeping, chewing(but not always), pooping, and when she has something in her mouth that doesn’t belong there.

She is an imitator and I am hoping its just the age because, wow its scary what she learns. It has its benefits sure but wow it also has its punishments. I think she is pretty smart but I am also her mom, maybe biased but I have helped raise several children in my days in childcare/social work roles. 😉

I am pleased to announce she does take regular naps and sleeps through the night. I am not pleased that regardless of her bedtime she gets up pretty much on spot at 6:30am and it did take 12months to get a consistent sleep pattern going here. Pleased to announce she also has a love for music like her brother. Not pleased she also likes to bang “sticks” on everything, like her brother. Pros not a picky eater, con, hungry often and gets super cranky if not fed in a timely manner (meaning immediately after she has signed the word eat).

The other day it was one of those mornings where she was awake and we were alone and she looked at me with those big eyes and smiled. Parker can frustrate me to exhaustion, but she can also melt my heart moments later.

Thank you Lord for allowing me this time with Parker. I know that time is precious and fleeting so I promise to do my best to honor the time you give me on this earth to take care of her and show her Your love. My prayer is that she grows to know You and choose You as her Savior. Amen


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