I have always known that I was different from others. Let me explain, if I can. I was born in a loving family with two parents who were raised in the church, so I was also raised in the church. But, it was different for me than others, I understood at a young age that I was going to choose to be different. I accepted that God was real and that he died for me and overcame death on a cross to live eternally. I wanted that too, (the eternity with Him part). I was different from my brothers for obvious reasons, but also was really conscious to make specific choices in life. I was different from some of my peers, teammates and friends in small ways and big ways. In college I met my husband in a very different way (not so different nowadays though).

I have not always loved being different because its not always easy. It sometimes means being made fun of or left out and other times it can be awesome. Lately, I have been feeling different and at times it makes me feel like I can’t talk to people for fear that I am un-relate-able. So I decided that I am going to put what I would like to share out for those who would care to read and listen to what I have to offer. Even if it’s different.

I got a great book called “Mom Connection” by Tracey Bianchi it may be one that I will have to reread several times, as I am usually interrupted after only a few pages. But one truth that I have gotten so far is that a connection is necessary, so I am working on that.

I am hoping that the trend of quiet time, me time will increase as time goes on. I am definitely making more of an effort and in doing so, more expression through blogging hopefully will follow.




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