Why Me? Why Us?

I have heard people say this for a variety of reasons, but usually it relates to loss or disappointment. I am going to look at it from a different point of view, one of gain and appointment. I don’t usually ask the question why, necessarily because I don’t expect explanation. Let me explain what I mean; I believe deep down to my core that everything happens for God’s purpose. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like it when things happen that don’t seem fair, are unexplainable, frustrating, tragic. I actually get down right mad, sad, depressed but thankfully only for a season. Thankfully I am brought back to this promise, for all things there is a season, God has a plan and knows your future, eternity is guaranteed to those who believe.

I am so glad that God uses me for working out His glory. So why me? I try not to ask that, instead why not me? I am so excited for what God is doing in my life and the life of my family. We are so ready and excited to go on this life journey with Jesus. I have never felt so sure of something in all my life, I know that everything will work out for His glory. I am at peace knowing that God will use those who let Him in. God is going to do great things for my family, because I am following His plan. Sure there may be loss or disappointment along the way. I have peace in knowing that it will be all for His glory.

Update on our journey, we are ready and willing to return to Uganda. We as in Matt, Jacob, Parker and myself are returning to serve, and live in Uganda. God is going to provide the way, and I just hope that those who He is using to help us understand they have such a blessing coming their way. God is using them to send us, we are going to change the lives of children, who in turn can change the lives of their family, community and nation. Do you want to be changed? Do you want to answer the question of why me? Why you well it takes senders like you to make life changes in those near and far. Join our mailing list and find out what we are doing to change lives, become a partner with us and send us back to Uganda. Visit http://www.risingstarministries.com and answer your questions why me and why us.


Through her eyes

I recently went on a walk just Parker and myself. I carried her some but mostly she held my hand and we walked really slowly through the neighborhood. As we were walking and stopping, I thought “I wonder what she sees”. She hits just above my knee and as I noticed the cracks in the sidewalk, the long grass and some distastefully decorated homes; I wondered what she noticed.


We came to a part in our walk where there is a dog who always barks when we walk past this time he didn’t. Parker and the dog were gazing at each other from across the street, she shouted and pointed, “doggy, hi, hi doggy”. The dog didn’t bark this time, he just sat and grinned (ok he was panting). We also had an older lady drive by and stop, yes stop to say, “Oh how cute, how old is she?”. Weird but endearing I suppose, something you will probably never catch me doing anytime soon.

On that day I don’t know what all Parker saw, but she did stop and investigate, always looking ahead and never down at her feet. Though at times she really should, she lost her balance a few times because she was so engaged at what was around her.

What can we gain from this experience, I think we can gain that sense of simplicity, and innocence of a child. In the Word it says to have a childlike faith. In life I think we should have at times a childlike attitude at life around us. To just embrace things without thinking too much into them, to just stroll about and enjoy each step.

Parker didn’t want to stop after just one time around the block, so when we got home we decided to take a family walk, it was nice, a bit hot, but nice.


Backyard Shenanigans

When the weather permits, we are outside. It usually includes riding around and circles, going down slides, playing with chalk, getting wet, playing ball and falling all over the place. I just read this morning a little blog about a mom who was trying to get others to understand that she didn’t always intervene when her child was playing. She wanted them to learn to keep trying even if it meant failure.

I am definitely not a helicopter mom and my kids are proof with the knee scrapes and bruises. However they are pretty darn good at a lot of things and it frees me up to enjoy watching them. I also believe in teaching your children the steps it takes to succeed as well as making sure they are not exposed to “real” danger by supervising them.

It’s crazy what your kids will invent when you let them explore their surroundings. For example Jacob is in his blow up pool hitting the baseball off the tee, I am not sure if he did this to keep his sister from taking the ball off the tee. Regardless, it was all his doing and now it’s time for some mommy coach pitch time. Because regardless of how independent I let them be they also need my attention too, and as exhausting as it can be I love it too.


Book “dog-ears”

With two kids running around, I will occasionally try and read a book but will get stopped. So I fold down the corner of that page and hope that I can just pick up where I left off sooner than later. I have tried using bookmarks, but found that when little hands get ahold of your book it usually ends up getting tossed out to the side.
If you look back at my book you will see that at times I was able to get through three pages before a kiddo was needing me and other times its evident that I have folded down the same page a few times.

What if in life the same was done, what if people could see your folded down corners, where you started something but never got to finish it. It at times would be nice to just go back to where you left off and pick up like nothing happened. For instance the other day when I was doing laundry and was needed by several little people, what if I just started the job and then left it. The result would not be pretty when half of the clothes were just sitting in the water…what if it were for days. I will let your mind wander into the grossness of that mess.

What about in other aspects of life, friendships at times are unfortunately like this illustration. We have a college friend that doesn’t live very close and maybe at first we talk monthly and we send them messages or a Christmas card. Then as life interrupts we talk less and less, maybe check out their Facebook to say you “like” something or message them on their birthday. The relationship will be different when you do see each other face to face but good friendships, like good books may just need some re-reading to remember what the book was talking about.
So I say this don’t give up on that good book, or friend just make an effort to pick the book back up and keep at it, eventually you will get to the end (in comparison you will get back to the relationship and solidify the reason you were friends in the first place).

Let me encourage you to do something like read a good book that you have been trying to get to, contact a friend to say hello and you missed them, pick up prayer or a devotional to get reconnected with God. Whatever you do, don’t give up if you get distracted, the call doesn’t go through, or it takes a few times…its worth it to try and get back to it.