Book “dog-ears”

With two kids running around, I will occasionally try and read a book but will get stopped. So I fold down the corner of that page and hope that I can just pick up where I left off sooner than later. I have tried using bookmarks, but found that when little hands get ahold of your book it usually ends up getting tossed out to the side.
If you look back at my book you will see that at times I was able to get through three pages before a kiddo was needing me and other times its evident that I have folded down the same page a few times.

What if in life the same was done, what if people could see your folded down corners, where you started something but never got to finish it. It at times would be nice to just go back to where you left off and pick up like nothing happened. For instance the other day when I was doing laundry and was needed by several little people, what if I just started the job and then left it. The result would not be pretty when half of the clothes were just sitting in the water…what if it were for days. I will let your mind wander into the grossness of that mess.

What about in other aspects of life, friendships at times are unfortunately like this illustration. We have a college friend that doesn’t live very close and maybe at first we talk monthly and we send them messages or a Christmas card. Then as life interrupts we talk less and less, maybe check out their Facebook to say you “like” something or message them on their birthday. The relationship will be different when you do see each other face to face but good friendships, like good books may just need some re-reading to remember what the book was talking about.
So I say this don’t give up on that good book, or friend just make an effort to pick the book back up and keep at it, eventually you will get to the end (in comparison you will get back to the relationship and solidify the reason you were friends in the first place).

Let me encourage you to do something like read a good book that you have been trying to get to, contact a friend to say hello and you missed them, pick up prayer or a devotional to get reconnected with God. Whatever you do, don’t give up if you get distracted, the call doesn’t go through, or it takes a few times…its worth it to try and get back to it.


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