Backyard Shenanigans

When the weather permits, we are outside. It usually includes riding around and circles, going down slides, playing with chalk, getting wet, playing ball and falling all over the place. I just read this morning a little blog about a mom who was trying to get others to understand that she didn’t always intervene when her child was playing. She wanted them to learn to keep trying even if it meant failure.

I am definitely not a helicopter mom and my kids are proof with the knee scrapes and bruises. However they are pretty darn good at a lot of things and it frees me up to enjoy watching them. I also believe in teaching your children the steps it takes to succeed as well as making sure they are not exposed to “real” danger by supervising them.

It’s crazy what your kids will invent when you let them explore their surroundings. For example Jacob is in his blow up pool hitting the baseball off the tee, I am not sure if he did this to keep his sister from taking the ball off the tee. Regardless, it was all his doing and now it’s time for some mommy coach pitch time. Because regardless of how independent I let them be they also need my attention too, and as exhausting as it can be I love it too.


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