Through her eyes

I recently went on a walk just Parker and myself. I carried her some but mostly she held my hand and we walked really slowly through the neighborhood. As we were walking and stopping, I thought “I wonder what she sees”. She hits just above my knee and as I noticed the cracks in the sidewalk, the long grass and some distastefully decorated homes; I wondered what she noticed.


We came to a part in our walk where there is a dog who always barks when we walk past this time he didn’t. Parker and the dog were gazing at each other from across the street, she shouted and pointed, “doggy, hi, hi doggy”. The dog didn’t bark this time, he just sat and grinned (ok he was panting). We also had an older lady drive by and stop, yes stop to say, “Oh how cute, how old is she?”. Weird but endearing I suppose, something you will probably never catch me doing anytime soon.

On that day I don’t know what all Parker saw, but she did stop and investigate, always looking ahead and never down at her feet. Though at times she really should, she lost her balance a few times because she was so engaged at what was around her.

What can we gain from this experience, I think we can gain that sense of simplicity, and innocence of a child. In the Word it says to have a childlike faith. In life I think we should have at times a childlike attitude at life around us. To just embrace things without thinking too much into them, to just stroll about and enjoy each step.

Parker didn’t want to stop after just one time around the block, so when we got home we decided to take a family walk, it was nice, a bit hot, but nice.


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