Faith Through Patience

Patience is a funny thing, I always thought I had a lot of patience at least when it came to others. Then I had kids and I assessed patience in a whole new way, I felt like I had super human patience at times and then snap that patience was no more. I would say I have patience in traffic which I know is a big struggle for some, ahem Matt. I can usually wait in long lines if I have someone to talk to that isn’t asking for everything in that line or whining that they want to be done. That’s usually when I give them something from the cart like those amazing squeeze drinks and just put the finished pouch on the counter to scan.

Eternal patience is a whole new area that is tested daily for me. Most days I am patient with the obvious future like heaven, I can wait but am excited and ready at the same time. I always have been ready for whenever my time is, this earth is crazy, but as I get older I have grown more attached to things like my husband, and my kids. I am excited for Heaven because I will be reunited with some amazing people and the most amazing of all God. Its a little harder for me to be patient when it comes to earthly wishes. I think it becomes even more increasingly hard when you feel deep in your core that you are in line with what God wants and He still is asking you to have faith and wait.

The hard part for me has been to have faith that God is totally in control and that He is using me even in the moment of waiting and transition. I at times am too focused on where He wants me to be instead of the journey of how He is getting me there. Sometimes too the faith in people instead of the faith that God will in His timing work through people. Its an easy thing to get caught up in and worry about when really as long as you are being faithful in the moment, God will answer your call, especially since it is in line with His will.

The journey that my family is on now is a perfect example of “Faith through patience”. God will send us to Uganda and it can be a blessing during the wait. For example when God does place on peoples hearts to give financially and we are made aware of that blessing, it is such a pick me up kind of blessing. I think that it really makes me excited for that person who gave because I know deep to my core that they are going to be blessed because they gave and that they prayed. So amazing how many lives can be impacted through patience and that your faith can be increased when you totally put your trust in God’s plan and timing for your life. the time is getting closer… patiently awaiting our return to Uganda.


One thought on “Faith Through Patience

  1. Amen. Praying for your family as you continue your ministry in Uganda. We have friends who are missionaries through Tri-M. Their names are Doug and Cheryl Boisvert. They have ministered in Uganda, Sudan, and Rwanda.

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