A Typical Day

What does your typical day look like? I wanted to reflect and project what life has been like for me and what I anticipate life will be like in the future. As you read this where might you find yourself at in your life journey and do you like it or want to alter it?

Let’s start with the past, from what I remember growing up days during the summer would be spent in the city, we would pack for a day out and leave our little country house and drive into town. I remember having swim practice when it was still cool and then stick around for my brothers baseball and more pool time. It was a long warm day usually filled with concession food, which was fantastic as a kid. When we were out on the farm, we had animals that we helped with, but mostly what I remember was the adventures that we went on. So many cool places to explore, I have a great scar from one of those adventures to remind me. We had a makeshift tree house from a tree that got struck by lightning and had to get trimmed down. We also had a few acres to explore and an area that had some great “treasures”.

Jumping ahead to my teen years all I really can remember are two things. Playing sports and hanging out with my youth group friends. A typical day in the life of a teen in America was not that hard looking back. Sure we had tragic events that happened like Columbine and Sept. 11, but I personally wasn’t affected in the grand scheme of it all.

I met my husband when I was finishing up college, and that’s when life really became a little less typical. We met via the interweb and had a long distance relationship until I was done with college and had a summer to work. I moved to good olé Michigan and we had a pretty normal first year of marriage. We then had a talk… thankfully we were both on the same page. We wanted a change and that change led us to Uganda, Africa. We sold everything, and what we didn’t sell we stored at my parents house. We landed in Uganda on our second wedding anniversary (very romantic).

While we were in Uganda life was anything but typical, but a typical day for life in Uganda looked like this. I should say from my perspective a typical day for most looked like this. Fetch water or fetch a taxi (a 15 passenger van, boda, or bike), work in the hot sun or if your lucky a hot building, take a nap (I feel like everyone at one point in there day found a shady area to rest), get food for dinner if it wasn’t already started at home in the morning, fetch a taxi and go home. That is just a rough outline of a typical day for a typical person. I am actually going to do a mini documentary on life in Uganda from the vantage point of different professions.

Life post Uganda, has been crazy, when we came back after starting Rising Star Ministries, we were very excited to run it from home and tell everyone about it. We were invited to share at several different places and we were excited to figure out the next step. Well as we tried to figure out life, we had our first child a boy, Jacob Daniel. We still didn’t have life figured out how we thought we were supposed to be living, and then along came our second child a girl, Parker Renée. Then we figured life out…. hahaha.

Ok so we didn’t quite figure life out, but life went from me working fulltime to me working at home. Matt went through various jobs never finding one that met his qualifications or felt like it was supposed to be. Then we decided to fully give our lives to God and asked him to really answer us in a distinct way. He did. Our typical life was supposed to change, and that change was to pack up our kiddos and move again to Uganda, this time without a return date and just faith that He would provide.

So now our typical day here in the states is fundraising and child-raising, and preparing for life in another country, and continent with two kiddos and an amazing growing ministry. Our life will never really be typical, but I am okay with that.

Support us go to http://www.risingstarministries.com


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