Passing Judgement

In light of the recent incidents I was debating whether to write this… but I actually think that its the perfect time to write on this topic. I am only going to write though about my personal experiences and passing judgment or even commenting on the situations past and present won’t do anyone any good. I want to share my experience being a minority while living in Uganda. You may think that I am talking about the obvious difference of color but that is not what made me a minority, it was that I was from America. Just think who thought that being from America would cause me to have to experience prejudice. As much as I loved the kids and the impact that was being made, there was the constant judgment that I received from those who didn’t know me. The people that I would pass by at the market, on the taxis or as I was teaching the kids, some of which was lost in translation, literally. I don’t necessarily know what the judgment was in all the cases but I do know that it was uncomfortable, hurtful and at times infuriating.

The way that I was able to get through the discomfort was to be authentic, to let them know the truth, to correct their incorrect assumptions. Now I couldn’t of course do this to everyone, some would just have to be wrong and go on in life and just think what they wanted to think. I even had law enforcement make assumptions, usually involving the amount of money we had at our disposal and true story, we even were told that we could just call up Obama and our fine would be removed. Mind you we were not doing anything that was against the normal way of life, but because we were different it was okay to make assumptions and pass judgment. If you want to hear the entire story, I will tell you it, its pretty funny retrospectively.

I want to keep this entry short, and conclude with this. On this earth there will be much that is done that is unjust, hurtful, shameful, judgmental, and temporary. Yes I said temporary. See what we have to remember and hold true to is that God is the ultimate judge and that life on earth is temporary. So yes some may have a wonderful life here on earth, but that is temporary, and if they don’t have a relationship with Christ then, their judgment comes and it has eternal effects. Effects that I don’t want anyone to have to suffer. So my prayer is this for the world to know Christ, I know it may sound too good to be true, but the world would have more peace and less violence if everyone knew the love of Christ. If everyone knew the wonderful news of JESUS, His sacrifice that he made for us. See he was judged too, it just worked out in the entire universes favor. Read Matthew, Mark, Luke or John and you will understand.


One thought on “Passing Judgement

  1. Becka, I enjoyed reading this. You are right. It’s never been about the color of one’s skin, per se, it’s more like what your skin color represents. There is lots of misconceptions of Americans (or people from the West in general) and dealing with cultural differences can be a challenge. I’m sure I’ve (unintentionally) insulted someone as many times as I felt insulted, all do to cultural differences. However, I think I’m more a curiosity factor than anything else and people love to laugh at my “strange” ways.
    You made me laugh about calling Obama to get a fine removed. You’ll have to tell me the story next time I see you.

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