Adapting kid style

So with my role as stay at home mom and with me having a three year old and a 15 month old, I am trying to figure out the balance of what it takes to homeschool. Since we will be in another country I need to figure out what to do. I have a lot of experience out in the world with teaching, while in Uganda, in the states as a daycare head teacher and behavior specialist teacher. But when it is your own kids somehow it is different. I am finding it to be much harder, maybe due to the distractions of the home, other responsibilities and the big age gap. I am working really hard on patience and to not get discouraged, to just go with the flow and figure it out as I go.

I find that even when I think that I have failed at an attempt to teach Jacob counting, in a variety of “fun” ways. He will then stop being stubborn and say something that shows he totally got it and was listening and was just giving me a hard time. Example from today, we were working on number recognition and counting. Parker wanted attention and was extra tired and whiney possibly related to teeth or lack of attention. In my attempt to balance the two kids, Jacob gave up after only a few numbers. So when he went to play with blocks I attempted to make it into a counting game, he wanted nothing to do with that, he wanted to just build. Parker played alongside him and after a few seconds they were fighting over the one block when there were nearly fifty others right in front of them. I attempted to make it a lesson in sharing.

I then thought, you know what, let them work it out themselves. I went to the computer in another attempt to bring numbers back into focus by printing a clock. Sure enough we were able to refocus and we colored the numbers and he was tracing and didn’t need any direction from me to do that. Parker was able to color on her paper and then of course it lead to her trying to eat the crayons. So guess it’s time for a snack, the kids ate snack and it then lead into kicking the soccer ball around the living room.

What I learned in all of this today, is that in life you rarely sit down and crunch out numbers unless you’re an accountant. We all learned something, if anything to adapt and make it work, and to not stress the small stuff. I could have been the parent that forces education on my kids or I could just introduce fun ways of learning and using trial and error. In time we will figure things out, and I know we will be just fine. I think my kids are pretty smart, loving, great at giving snuggles, they say and do silly things, love to dance and sing. So we may not have the next Einstein or maybe we will; regardless, my ultimate goal is to lead them to Jesus and to be caring to each other and the world around them.