I Refuse by Josh Wilson

“I Refuse”
by Josh Wilson

Sometimes I, I just wanna close my eyes
And act like everyone’s alright
well no they’re not
This world needs God, but it’s easier to stand and watch
I could say a prayer and just move on
like nothin’s wrong
But I refuse
cause I don’t wanna live like I don’t care
I don’t wanna say another empty prayer
Oh I refuse, to sit around and wait for someone else
To do what God has called me to do myself
Oh I could choose not to move
but I refuse
I can hear the least of these
cryin’ out so desperately
and I know we are the hands and feet of You oh God
So if You say move
it’s time for me to follow through
and do what I was made to do
and show them who You are
Cause I don’t wanna live like I don’t care
I don’t wanna say another empty prayer
Oh I refuse to sit around
and wait for someone else
to do what God has called me to do myself
Oh I could choose
not to move
but I refuse
to stand and watch the weary and lost
cry out for help
I refuse
to turn my back
and try and act like all is well
I refuse
to stay and change
to wait another day
to die to myself
I refuse
to make one more excuse
cause I don’t wanna live like I don’t care
I don’t wanna say another empty prayer
Oh I refuse
to sit around and wait for someone else
to do what God has called me to do myself
oh I could choose
not to move
but I refuse
I refuse
I refuse
My life right now if you feel this way can I get an amen to encourage the few that choose to act on what God has called them to do. Check out God’s work that He is doing through us at http://www.risingstarministries.com. Share it to the world and hopefully it will inspire people to do something because I refuse to disobey God.


I am all about re-purposing things especially to help to reduce cost and to reduce, reuse and recycle. However, I find it frustrating when people just purchase said junk items from garage sales, junk festivals, resale shops, vintage stores etc. And add to their already junk filled homes and lives.

Clear the clutter.

With the idea of moving to Uganda soon I have really focused on what the necessities are. I have always tried to have an un-cluttered life, but I do come from a line of “keepers”. My definition of a keeper is one who keeps things for sentimental purposes, but doesn’t add value or serve a purpose. It’s a few notches down from an obsessive collector or hoarder.

So as you switch over from your summer to winter clothes, think about what you can downsize. I have friends who are doing this challenge to wear one dress for a month. They can add to it however they want, but I believe the point is to simplify life.

I will give you a story of my experience in Uganda with just the idea of possessions. Clothing is always second hand OR made custom from a little sewing shop for example your one dress that is traditional or a wedding dress. You typically have two to three sets of clothing your work/play clothes and your dress clothes. You wear them until they are dirty and then you wear your other when you are washing the other. You can’t just stick it in the washing machine for 30 minutes it is a process. I found that my clothes were not clean and my hands were very sore when I tried to wash the traditional way. All that to say, it is possible to reduce and not replenish after we purge.

Consider donating your clothes, having a garage sale and donating the money to a charity (I know a great one ;)) or giving your old clothes to a friend who has a child younger than yours. The possibilities are endless and the types of things to give to others is also endless, clothes are just an easy example.

Be in the spirit of being more minimalistic and try and spend the time, energy and money on things that matter, things that make a difference in your life and the lives of others, some of whom you may never know the real impact you made.



Happy Anniversary

Eight years of marriage feels like forever and just yesterday. We have been through many of life’s trials like most married couples but am happy to say we have had many more victories than loss. As each season passes I grow more and more thankful that God has spared us from personal loss. We have had many friends and family deal with loss in big ways like death, illness, and divorce.
We have experienced loss mostly due to those close to us having tragedy come their way.
Successes we are still married and in love, blessed with two kids and both our immediate families are all in relative good health. We have started a ministry we believe is Gods calling for our lives and have kept it going for the majority of our marriage as we landed in Uganda on our 2nd wedding anniversary.
As we start this new year we anticipate great things in Uganda, in our marriage, as parents and believers in Christ. No matter the trials, God is always with us and we can endure and overcome all life brings us. I am daily reminded how blessed I am to have married such an amazing man of God.

visit http://www.risingstarministries.com to follow our love story.


The “Real” Housewives

If you have watched any television or read any magazine you have heard of the many different shows called “The Real Housewives…”. But really the name should be the outlandish fake lives of the very select few in whatever big city. So I thought what would a real housewife look like and would it make it on reality television, probably not.
Then you have shows that feature extremes like 19 kids and counting, Honey booboo, Sister wives, Duck dynasty…the list goes on.
What would my life show look like? I wish that my life would be a feature on television, but only if I could make it fake too. What I mean is I wish that my life was the way that I would want it to be portrayed. It’s a work in progress and to be honest I don’t think I would want the judgement even if it were scripted to my liking.
So all this to say I am trying to live my life according to the scripture and what I believe is what Christ would want it to be. I do want it to be real and raw and seen by all so that I can lead others to God and all for His glory not my own.
So as unlikely as is it is for my family to ever be on a reality show, I hope that whomever sees our life will only see that we are trying to live it in such a way to impact the lives around us for the better of His glory.
It may not be live, but follow what God is doing in my life by visiting www.risingstarministries.com



So I guess fall has started but these past weeks you wouldn’t know it by the weather in Nebraska. I am hoping we are able to leave before the weather turns for the cold. We captured a caterpillar and I think it survived. I don’t know much when it comes to nature and science, I think it made itself a cocoon. And if it didn’t we caught a second one who seemingly did the same thing.

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