The “Real” Housewives

If you have watched any television or read any magazine you have heard of the many different shows called “The Real Housewives…”. But really the name should be the outlandish fake lives of the very select few in whatever big city. So I thought what would a real housewife look like and would it make it on reality television, probably not.
Then you have shows that feature extremes like 19 kids and counting, Honey booboo, Sister wives, Duck dynasty…the list goes on.
What would my life show look like? I wish that my life would be a feature on television, but only if I could make it fake too. What I mean is I wish that my life was the way that I would want it to be portrayed. It’s a work in progress and to be honest I don’t think I would want the judgement even if it were scripted to my liking.
So all this to say I am trying to live my life according to the scripture and what I believe is what Christ would want it to be. I do want it to be real and raw and seen by all so that I can lead others to God and all for His glory not my own.
So as unlikely as is it is for my family to ever be on a reality show, I hope that whomever sees our life will only see that we are trying to live it in such a way to impact the lives around us for the better of His glory.
It may not be live, but follow what God is doing in my life by visiting


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