Happy Anniversary

Eight years of marriage feels like forever and just yesterday. We have been through many of life’s trials like most married couples but am happy to say we have had many more victories than loss. As each season passes I grow more and more thankful that God has spared us from personal loss. We have had many friends and family deal with loss in big ways like death, illness, and divorce.
We have experienced loss mostly due to those close to us having tragedy come their way.
Successes we are still married and in love, blessed with two kids and both our immediate families are all in relative good health. We have started a ministry we believe is Gods calling for our lives and have kept it going for the majority of our marriage as we landed in Uganda on our 2nd wedding anniversary.
As we start this new year we anticipate great things in Uganda, in our marriage, as parents and believers in Christ. No matter the trials, God is always with us and we can endure and overcome all life brings us. I am daily reminded how blessed I am to have married such an amazing man of God.

visit http://www.risingstarministries.com to follow our love story.


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