I am all about re-purposing things especially to help to reduce cost and to reduce, reuse and recycle. However, I find it frustrating when people just purchase said junk items from garage sales, junk festivals, resale shops, vintage stores etc. And add to their already junk filled homes and lives.

Clear the clutter.

With the idea of moving to Uganda soon I have really focused on what the necessities are. I have always tried to have an un-cluttered life, but I do come from a line of “keepers”. My definition of a keeper is one who keeps things for sentimental purposes, but doesn’t add value or serve a purpose. It’s a few notches down from an obsessive collector or hoarder.

So as you switch over from your summer to winter clothes, think about what you can downsize. I have friends who are doing this challenge to wear one dress for a month. They can add to it however they want, but I believe the point is to simplify life.

I will give you a story of my experience in Uganda with just the idea of possessions. Clothing is always second hand OR made custom from a little sewing shop for example your one dress that is traditional or a wedding dress. You typically have two to three sets of clothing your work/play clothes and your dress clothes. You wear them until they are dirty and then you wear your other when you are washing the other. You can’t just stick it in the washing machine for 30 minutes it is a process. I found that my clothes were not clean and my hands were very sore when I tried to wash the traditional way. All that to say, it is possible to reduce and not replenish after we purge.

Consider donating your clothes, having a garage sale and donating the money to a charity (I know a great one ;)) or giving your old clothes to a friend who has a child younger than yours. The possibilities are endless and the types of things to give to others is also endless, clothes are just an easy example.

Be in the spirit of being more minimalistic and try and spend the time, energy and money on things that matter, things that make a difference in your life and the lives of others, some of whom you may never know the real impact you made.


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