If you have kids you long for the day when they can help you. When I say help I mean actually help. It’s so cute at first when they try to help by picking up and the lovely sweeping and dusting. But really it can become twice the work and it takes every ounce of me to be patient and okay with the added stress. It’s so cool that they are wanting to help, they are mimicking what they see us doing and they genuinely want to be useful. Recently Jacob wanted to help with washing the dishes…I paused and thought okay let’s try this. I pulled up a chair which made it impossible to move in a productive way…he put on matching rubber gloves. I prayed that nothing would break and we cleaned a few dishes. I later had to re-clean them but I did it when he wasn’t around, I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I have learned to be flexible as a parent to be patient and to not get upset over temporary inconveniences. The only way that our kids will learn is if we let them try and do things. Think about how great it is that they desire to help, if we don’t let them then I feel it could discourage them from helping in the future. If they don’t try and fail then they may also not ask for help or keep trying to succeed. So as I am learning we need to take a deep breathe and think is it really something to stress over? I think we should be getting the kids more involved, don’t worry about the mess or extra work instead enjoy the moments. Make a memory! Good luck 🙂


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