As the holiday season approaches we had to start looking for a new home for our amazing dog, Hercules. Don’t let the name fool you he is a 12lb rat terrier that has been in our family for almost 4 years. Its always hard to find someone to take care of him when we travel and since our hope is to move soon to Uganda we decided now was the time. We posted on facebook that we were looking for a good home for him and narrowed it down to two great families. It was difficult to figure out a way to explain the transition we would be making to our 3 year old son. He took it well so far but I am anticipating some sadness ahead of us. The good thing is that he will have distractions for a good month and hopefully that will make it easier. The other good thing is that we know the family that we picked so visiting the dog is an option if we need to.IMAG0051

On another light subject of transition our 18 month old is transitioning on many levels. She is starting the potty training process per her own interest. We have discussed that after the holidays we transition her from her crib to a toddler bed and she is talking lots and becoming her own little version of who she wants to be.

Change can be hard for anyone, kids and adults alike. I am anticipating lots of adjustments as we continue on in the parenting stages. Also living with children in another country is also going to be a transition of great magnitude. I say all this to make the point that no matter the change it is necessary. Transitions are something that have to be learned by going through them. You can only prepare so much for change, and then when it happens you may have to adjust based on how you actually feel. Without change there is no room for growth and it shows me that my kids are doing just that growing.


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