The time of year…

This time of year we are usually reminded that it shouldn’t be all about us. However, it ends up being just that all about how many gifts we give our kids, what we get for Christmas, how much money we can save by getting a good deal and so on. Some will go to church more than usual or give to a charity. For some it will be a time where they are stressed about seeing family or depressed about missing family members. Decorating the house, hosting parties and going to parties. Buying gifts for people they were forced to buy for and for ones they truly enjoyed shopping for. What is Christmas for you? Are you representing what you want it to be or have you let it get the best of you.

Christmas should be about reflecting on Jesus on our Savior. I was having a conversation with someone and we brought up the thought, does Jesus like Christmas. I think the answer might be no.

Christmas is bitter sweet for me. I think because I don’t always keep my attitude right regarding the real reason for the season. I get caught up in memories of family traditions and gift giving. I lost my grandmother on Christmas eve which will be eleven years ago this year. My other grandmother passed away this spring and so this will be the first Christmas without her. The things I do enjoy and look forward to are the new memories I make with my kids and Matt. The fun things we add each year to what we want our kids to remember. It puts a bit of pressure though on me as I try to balance the fun and silly make believe of the season with the truth and reality of Jesus.

The answers I do have are that a babe was born and His name was Jesus, the Son of God. He was without sin and had a ministry of teaching, preaching and healing the lost. I was created to continue to tell that story, to share with anyone that I come across. It is my duty and responsibility and it is also yours, once you believe in the truth. I know that regardless of others I will fulfill His promise and desires and that is to go and share the Good News. The cool part of the story is that not only was Jesus born he also overcame death to heal us from our sin and grant us the opportunity to spend eternity with Him in Heaven. That is what I will always try and remember not only during Christmas but everyday year round. Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year.


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