Organizing and Repurposing

The family is hanging out in Michigan and we decided to do some DIY via cleanup and organizing the basement in Matt’s parents house. We knew there was some vintage things and wanted to showcase them. We thought that it would be a good Christmas gift to honor Mike. Mike served in the military and so we reframed some of his medals and other framed memorability and hung them up. We also decided to get all the records out and have them accessible to play by putting them on the shelves. We were able to repair one of his old record players and now he can relive the good olé days. We did some other organizing and got rid of old boxes and a few items that were no longer being used. Hopefully it was a good gift and it will be a space that can mix old and new allowing for an open place for the grandkids to play and for some memories to be shared.

I love to organize and try and utilize the things that we hold dear. I never have liked to keep things and then never get to enjoy them. I also am trying to live minimalistic and this is a very hard balance. You want to keep memories to share for generations to come but you don’t want them only to be seen when you have died and they are going through your stuff. I am going to try and figure out ways to keep items of sentiment available to share with others and preserve them so they don’t get damaged. I also would like to have some tangible items but also some items can be stored via the ever so amazing seemingly endless storage capacity on the computer. I was given the idea to store pictures of the artwork of the kids so you don’t have so much stuff. This is all good in theory but when downsizing it sometimes get hard to let go of that stuffed animal or the trophy you won. The point is that if de-cluttering your life allows for you to partake in something that is beneficial to you and or to your family then it is definitely worth the work.


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