I’m Going on a Trip

So we have traveled a lot in the past month, and hopefully will be traveling in the near future too. Jacob really loved the game “I spy” his version was quite funny. He would give a description of the item he saw out the window and within the same breath he would tell us what it was. On the way back from Michigan to Nebraska we pulled out a new game called “I’m going on a trip,” and ours went like this. I’m going on a trip and I am bringing an Apple, Barbie, Caterpillar, Door, Elephant, Flower, Game, Heater, Ice cube, Jigsaw puzzle, Klennex, Letter, Myself, Nickel, Opal, Piece of Pie, Quail, Robot, Statue, Turtle, Umbrella, Venus Williams, Wonka Bar, Xbox, Yodeler, Zipper.

Our car felt like it was actually carrying that much stuff, it was in quantity but not content. What are some of your games you play in the car to pass time? All I know is that traveling with kids has sure changed the name of the game.


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