Prayer from the mouth of babes…

Over this past holiday time as we spent time with various families, I was pleasantly surprised by the prayers offered up by the children. Several instances when we were gathering together to eat we took time to pray and often it was a child who wanted to pray. The profound and straightforward things that these little kids said always made me smile. It also would make me think, I wonder if they always pray this way. Do I pray like this or do I make it too complicated? Sure I have a slightly bigger vocabulary and plenty more things that I pray about. But it was a good reminder the various times that these amazing kids prayed how it wasn’t scripted and it was really what they wanted to pray, it was in that moment what was on their minds and hearts to tell God. I desire to pray to God in a more real way in front of my kids and others as well as when I am on my own with Him. I want my kids to learn how to talk to God in a way that really shares what they need and desire answered and expressed to God. May we break away from too simple of prayers in an effort to start a tradition and a habit and teach that it is able really talking to God and its okay to “break script” and really pray what we are feeling in that moment.


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