I am going on this journey that most Americans do and I am trying to change my eating habits. I am trying to change my thinking along with my behaviors. I had a bit of an “AHHA” moment yesterday when we were finishing up lunch. I kept telling myself, don’t eat their leftovers. This will all make sense in a little bit, I hope.

We were visiting with friends over the holiday and eating lunch with them, when our friend said he was going on a diet. We asked what would that look like for him. He said I am simply not going to eat off my kids plates. We laughed and he explained that he would factor in that he would eat what was on his plate and then he would look forward to eating all the food that his kids would not eat. He said he knew this was a big cause for his overeating.

That moment popped into my head as we were eating lunch. I have a problem with food being wasted, so in my head I would say don’t let that food go to waste. I would eat it, thinking that somehow that was not letting it be wasteful. Oh how silly, it is still wasteful because I am not filling a NEED in my body. Here is where the “AHHA” moment came. Change the proportion of what I cook and thus there will be less waste.

Having lived in a foreign country and seen the heartbreak of children who go without food, I myself have a hard problem with the amount of food and resources that are wasted. I don’t have solutions per say but I do have the ability to change the way that I live. I can only hope that I am an example to my kids and to those around me. I want my kids to always be fed, and want to teach them that they should eat good food ie breakfast, lunch and dinner (instead of snacks). I don’t want them to think they have to eat everything on their plate, even if they are full, or to not eat because they hope later they can have food they “really” want.

All I know is that it is a daily battle and a life change. Challenge yourself and think about life outside your own world. You too can make changes, you can impact the world around you. How is God leading you? Pray!



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