Stubborness runs deep

I can remember the only concern our premarital counselor said was that we both scored extremely high in the stubborness category. Well we have made it through 8.5 years and going strong despite most of our conflict as a result of that stubborness. The good thing is that we are too stubborn to give up on anything including working through the tough spots that marriage or life can bring.

I never thought that stubborness would then trickle down to the two kids of ours. Currently Jacob is more stubborn than Parker, but I am sure that she will increasingly become just like her brother.
In Uganda they actually code the word stubborn as a kid who is hard to handle or gets in trouble. The phrase they say is “that boy is stubborn” and it generally means he gets into trouble often. Actually Matt was told by a Ugandan traffic officer (after not giving in and bribing her) that he was stubborn and I said you have no idea.
In parenting though stubborness can have its rewards. I really think that my kids would be a mess if I didn’t stand firm in what I say is what I mean. There are times that I do “pick my battles”, I am not stupid stubborn as someone once said. I am stubborn in the sense that I will not back down when I know truth is not being spoken. I will not tolerate being bullied into believing something that is not Truth. I am more that ready to stand up for Christ, that is something that is the “smart stubborn” because I have security in knowing I am going to Heaven.
My prayer is that my kids do grow up to be stubborn, but in the way that they stand up for Truth and Knowledge. That they are willing to stay strong when the going gets tough, to cling to the Truth of the Gospel of Christ.


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