Lent…is that what you pull out of the dryer?

Ok so I was trying to be clever, but honestly growing up I never remember talking about lent. I remember only as a young adult seeing the ash on peoples foreheads and people saying they were giving something up. I always thought it was weird to see my friends who I didn’t know even went to church or knew God all of a sudden talk about making sacrifices. Before I go any further understand that I am giving an account of my perception and my true thoughts as a child and young adult. I am not saying I understood any ones intentions or heart behind the reasons they chose to do what they chose to do at that time.

What I know now for me is that I still don’t participate in a time of Lent as traditionally people at this time do. However, as I have been very challenged this year especially, there are changes I am making daily. I decided that it was time to not give up things per sea for a season, but to add some things for a lifetime. I am trying to teach my kids daily what it is to be a believer and follower of Jesus. I am teaching them about what life was like before Jesus, during his time here on earth as Jesus the son of God and especially during this time of Easter to teach the truth. The truth that Jesus was a righteous sin free man, the son of God and that he healed the sick, blind and possessed. That he died on the cross to forgive our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. That he didn’t deserve death yet he chose that path for all of us that we might believe. That he over came death and as he foretold he was raised from the grave 3 days later showing us that we too can live forever in Heaven with him. What an amazing promise.

I am also trying to reach out to friends of past and present and really to get beyond the facebook feed and try and invest deeper. I am reaching out to not only reconnect but to invite them to join me on this journey to Uganda. I don’t just want them to pray for me, but for us to pray for each other. To learn more about what is going on in their daily lives that they need prayer for. I want to know some of the struggles and triumphs they are going through. I know that distance is hard and as I am going even further away, I don’t want to loose those opportunities to pray for each other and continue our relationships. It is a long task and I am literally going one person at a time to write to them individually, I am only going to my girlfriends and that in itself is an amazing overwhelming and rewarding process. I look forward to writing to you and hearing from you.

http://www.risingstarministries.com see how you can pray and then drop me a line as to how I can pray for you.


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