Well it’s almost here, according to the calendar. The weather has improved and the snow is almost all melted. It has created quite the mud pit outside, thus we are hanging out in our rain boots. I figure they should get used to wearing rain boots for when they experience the rainy season in Uganda.
This month is also one of a new season in a different sense too. This month will mark the one year anniversary of my beautiful grandma dee leaving this earth and making her new home in Heaven. Looking back it seems like it can’t be true, at times I just think she is away visiting friends and hanging out in Texas. But the fact that spring is coming makes me face the fact that indeed she is not present on this earth.
This spring brings change that we have been praying for too. Changes to our location, we are ready to move. We are excited for the change and know it will be lots of work and an adjustment for everyone.
Change can be scary, sad, exciting, inviting but most of all it means something different. I think that it only becomes what you make it. Embraced change is only what you make it. I am going to try my best and with all of lifes changes, the good, bad and the ugly to allow God to move within me to make those changes reflect His glory. May everything that I do be a reflection of who God is, His very character shining through me. I know that I can only do this if I am in prayer, reading, and reflecting on the truth of who God is and how He can work through me.
So if you are scared of change, pray, because change is inevitable. You can choose to ignore it or embrace it; the outcome is how you choose to deal with it.


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