The power of people

I am ending my Bible study tonight. It has been great, I went out on a limb joining a study group with ladies most I had never met and really no one that I really “knew”. I am leaving the study grateful for all the discussions and insight that everyone had to offer. I am also embarking on the end to other relationships that have been ongoing, some for over 4 years. Now the relationships wont ever end but they will change and life is going to be different as it is with any change. But I am thankful for fellowship that is engrossed in studying the Bible. I would say that I have always appreciated the relationships that I have gained because of Christ. There is power in joining fellow Christians in a more intimate setting. If you let it, those people can help you through some amazing things in your life. I am smiling as I think back to my first Sunday school class, the class where I was introduced to Jesus and accepted him as my personal savior. I then jump to a time when I needed friends as I had moved to a new city and I made some life long friends from those classes where we discussed the Bible and life together. Those very people shaped me toward the direction my life has taken me to do missions. When Matt and I were married it was our Bible study class that helped us realize our mission field and supported us on the leap of faith we took to move to Uganda. When we returned from Uganda we had two very special small groups that supported us through child rearing and then again our decision to move back to Uganda. All that to say. I am totally for life groups! What are life groups, people you do life with, who can steer you in the right direction, encourage you along the way, pray for you and teach you things you never knew. But I also would hope that those same relationships and small groups were blessed by my investment too. I miss and will miss some of those moments when we wept together, laughed together and prayed together.

Thank you!


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