The Count Up…

The day we figured out we could go to Uganda and started packing was day 1, March 16th. Matt said I couldn’t start packing until after that Sunday. Monday we started with Jacob helping me take pictures off the living room wall. Fitting I thought that we took the boys off the wall first, the very boys we were going to be reunited with very soon. The boys that Jacob refers to as the Uganda kids he is going to play with. On day 5 I decided that I was going to ask questions to Jacob about the process and things that he would be encountering and try and remember to write them down. So I asked Jacob what toys he wants to bring right away and which ones he can wait to have later. He says “All of them, well a handful.” I ask well which ones are your favorite and he says “superman and cars…I want to bring toys to share with the Ugandan kids.” I asked do you think there are toys there? His response, “No.”

So we collectively as a family have really purged so much of our stuff. At times it was refreshing but other times it was hard. I know they are just possessions but some possessions are difficult to let go, to sell for maybe less than what you feel they are worth. But each time I think about it, I am reminded of how in Luke it talks about Jesus sending out his disciples and says for them to take nothing with them, so I think well at least we are able to take some things. Today I cleaned the kids play room and literally put more than half in the garage to sell. I at times thought okay, is this fair to them and then I remembered that they still have so much. They are blessed with more than just material things like toys and clothes, they have two parents, four grandparents and even two great grandparents. They have 4 uncles, 4 aunts and 8 cousins. They are blessed with family that knows the Lord and parents that are living what God has called them to do. So yep its hard to leave the stuff, the people, the entertainment, but what am I called to do is to go where God leads. I am so excited and so is my family, so don’t feel sorry for me or my family, so feel envious that I am doing something so challenging. Instead, pray that God will call you to do also follow what He has for your life, pray for my family and our health and safety, pray how you might be able to join our team. I am proud of my kiddos and how they have handled this change so far, I am hopeful that during the entire process that when times do get hard we will have the comfort and words to say, along with the strength to turn to God for wisdom and comfort. I also look forward to all the funny things as well as the thoughtful things that my kids say. Day 17, yesterday Jacob and I were enjoying the nice weather and trees came up in our conversation. Jacob wanted to know what kind of trees are in Uganda, he said “Describe them to me, what do they look like?” There are several different trees, beautiful ones, I described the banana trees that hold the Matoke a staple in the diet there. What kind of questions do you have about Uganda? Send me a question I would love to let you know what kind of life we are headed toward in just under a month.


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