The Garage Sale Effect

So we survived the garage sale and overall it was a success. Let me warn you my observations may describe you, but please don’t take offense, they are just general observations 😉

So if you have never had a garage sale then this post will not make sense to you, but if you have I hope you enjoy. If you are a garage sale goer, again I may be describing you, so don’t take it personally :). So basically you decide one day, I have way to much stuff and the weather is starting to change to the ideal garage sale weather. So you purge all the stuff (I say stuff to not glorify junk or to put down the things that are good that you might be selling). Then you go through the tedious process of marking or grouping your items by putting a sticker price on them. This process to me was humbling in the sense that wow my stuff is not worth that much to others as much as it is to me, no wonder we hold on to items. It’s the mentality that we can’t possibly part with something if someone else won’t also see its value. So we mark items generally too high or too low all to have people (complete strangers) say your prices are too high. Even if the price is amazing they will still try and make a deal that makes them feel that the “stuff” they want to purchase is really worth it even if they then never use it. Then after an entire weekend of sitting around, and moving items in and out each night you are left with the “stuff” that was not sold, the rejects. So then you are faced with the decision to keep it and use it, keep it and store it until you decide you have too much “stuff” again, or you give your local Goodwill a donation to pass along to many of the same people who were just at your garage sale.

Now for the parallel…

Life can be like a garage sale, think about it. We go through life putting things in our life that clutter it both physically and spiritually. We spend our time trying to clean up our lives and we have good intentions to help others. However, we are sometimes just finding ourselves either passing on the “stuff” or simply finding ourselves right back where we were and trying to get again de-clutter. So I pose this possible solution, fill your life with God. He will never clutter your life, only fill your mind and heart. He will never depreciate in value and he is always a great deal. You won’t ever want to sell Him, but you will want to share him even with strangers.

My plan is to never “need” to have a garage sale again…here’s to hoping.


One thought on “The Garage Sale Effect

  1. Wow Brecka! I just hopped on your blog from your ministry email sent today. I just love all you write! We are thinking and praying for your family!!!
    Sure wish we could’ve gotten to know ya guys more than we did through Westside.
    We will keep praying and I look forward yo reading more on your blog! blessings!

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