Tell me about yourself…

I was thinking about the way that we talk to each other, how we get to know each other. Could we be more open-ended and less controlling when we ask? I was trying to think of the best intro question and I thought that if we simply said, “Tell me about yourself.”

How many times have you been asked something and you feel like they are placing you in a category that you have to only talk about that one subject. As a mom sometimes we only talk about our kids and don’t even say anything about ourselves. Sometimes we feel led to only talk about our successes or current victories. As those close to me have gone through loss, your question could make them have to talk about the child they lost, or the divorce they are trying to avoid, the job struggles, or other uncomfortable subjects.

Tell me about yourself…my name is Brecka Lyn Arnett and I am happy today. I love Jesus and make a conscious effort to try to follow him everyday. I have been married for 8 years to the man that has the same passion of missions that I do. I have two children Jacob and Parker who both inherited our looks and our stubbornness and hopefully our passion to help people. I have worked for 25 out of 31 years to grow as a Christian and a human being. I am moving to the country that I fell in love with to share my experiences and my knowledge to help shape the lives of the future. I choose to make sacrifices for the sake of the Great Commission and to follow what God has placed on my heart.

That just scratches the surface of who I am because each day I am growing and changing. My life can change in an instant, for better or for worse. If you asked me the same question in a day, week, month or year some of my answers may change. However, one of the answers that will never change is that I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ.

Tell me about yourself…

Really I would love to hear your side of your story.


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