A question that some have asked is what the kids will be doing for school. The answer is that I haven’t fully figured it out just yet. Parker is two next month, and Jacob is four in July. When I had the garage sale I had several people ask if I was a teacher, I am guessing that my toys and other items were reflective of what a teacher might have. My answer was always awkward, yes I guess. My degree is in Criminal Justice, however my “education” is in teaching. Education is what you learn through application in my opinion. I am a teacher.

I have worked several different jobs but my four most enjoyable ones involved some form of teaching. I have worked with families and children most of my life. I have taught families how to meet the needs of their family through social work, taught children and parents how to communicated positively through behavioral training. I have worked with every different social class you can work with, because education is necessary and has no prejudges. Education is needed by all, because education is learning put into practice.

Most importantly my job as a mother has been the hardest role to fill in the area of educating. So many opportunities that I try to take advantage of that seem to not go as planned. Regardless, I will continue to try and educate my children in the home, for the rest of their lives. I believe some of the most important things they can learn are principles that should be taught by the parents in the home, so they can then function properly in the world. In regards to what the world sees as education, they will get that from me too until I feel I can no longer fulfill that need. Let’s be honest in Science they will be learning that from someone else sooner than later.

I hope that no matter your current situation you have the ability to learn and to educate. Take advantage of both opportunities and you will probably learn more than you teach.


One thought on “Homeschooling

  1. Hi Brecka! God bless you and your family as you follow His lead and go out taking the gospel to all the world. If you’re new to the idea of educating your kids yourself, I’d highly recommend a book called, “Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons.” I started this book with Lydia (turns 5 later this month) about 65 days ago, and she’s now reading like a champ! I’m learning how to be a good educator of my children, and we’re enjoying the time together too!

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