No return flight…the first few days

The kids are adapting well in regards to comfort. They do well with kids but still struggle with adults talking to them and the phrase commonly used is “how are you?” They don’t really know how to respond. They are shy in the states too, so this is something that will come with age and time. Usually Parker opens up to situations if she sees that Jacob is acting as though he is having fun or feels safe.

We have gotten several bites, but we are all still in good health. The kids have been very tired though adjusting to time change and just overall comfort. They like to sleep in…wish this would have been the case back home. Adapting to the food and their appetites has been hard, but I think that with time and with the change of venue of being able to cook for ourselves this will change. They still love the sweet stuff like juice and any candy that we have left over from our travels.

Our routine getting to become more productive and adaptive is contingent on us finding a home that meets our needs. Language is a big factor too, the kids that Matt and I worked with are all grown up and not around as much. The new kiddos will have to want to be invested as the kids once were. We have some work to do to build up those trusts and relationships.

It is rainy season here which means that bugs are more present and temps are cooler in the morning and evening when the sun is not out. Cool as in a long sleeve shirt or light jacket is comfortable. Also when it rains productivity slows considerably, its usually a down pour and with the conditions of the roads and transportation it serves as  an excuse for some to just wait until it stops to do anything. I however understand how much harder it is to travel if you don’t have access to good roads and good vehicles. When we were searching for a home the road we went down for one got us stuck, let’s just say that one was out of contention real fast after that. We need to be able to get in and out of our home.

Parker is liking the basin baths and so is Jacob, they never really cared for warm baths or showers. Power has been available which is great and hopefully it is something that they have figured out how to keep running now that the previous construction is finished and power and water are stable.

I am wanting to start learning the language as fast as possible, maybe because when I don’t understand people it makes me uncomfortable. They could be talking about me, they could need something that I can’t understand how to help, and they could better open up and share what’s going on if we could communicate more clearly. Even talking to adults it is surprising how many things are lost in translation of even two people who know English but don’t fully understand phrasing and accent.

The homemaker side of me is in definite need of being fulfilled and that means we do need a home, even if that home is temporary as in we are renting. I can still make the home feel like ours with beds and space, cooking, cleaning, and just the increase in self-reliance instead of having to wait on others to get things done. I like doing things myself and doing them the way I want them done.

God’s timing and trust is everything. It is how we will be able to survive here, to be happy and to call it home. We have been preparing for this adventure for so long, now that it’s here we need to remember how hard it was to get here and fight to stay so we can impact. I am excited and am ready to get after it.


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