It’s only the beginning

Monday It’s been a week since we have started our travels and we are starting to become more settled. We have started to have some learning time and are trying to get a schedule started. We are about a week away from really getting into a routine that includes ministry work more full time. As for now we are just starting to get into a flow. Ironically I started teaching Jacob time, basically his numbers and then looking at the clock we purchased and how the day is broken up into morning and afternoon. Here time is usually a general idea not one that is respected or kept especially during the rainy season. I believe that all that waiting for things to take place and funds etc. has helped prepare us for each moment here, I had forgotten how slow and patient I need to be here.

Here is an example of one of our crazy days, it was Saturday and we finalized which home we could afford and move into that day. It took most of the morning, and while Matt was doing that I made sure all the bags were repacked and ready to load into the car. We then set out to town (Kampala) to choose some furniture, the basics to be able to sleep in the new house that night. We had a friend help us to go to someone she trusted would give us a fair price for what we needed and would have some stock we could take that day. We couldn’t find exactly what we wanted but put in an order for two kid beds with posts for the nets. (the kids didn’t like the nets to be near them when they slept so we needed something to make the nets square.)IMG_20150512_203158IMG_20150512_203127

Then we picked a table and chairs but wanting plain ones was very hard to explain, they like to decorate in some bold designs. Also we needed something to sit on for couches again no plain ones available so we ordered a three seater and two seater couch but they sent us with some to borrow and then swap when ours were complete. When you order things they take it in the back of a pickup and you pay for delivery. So as time was running out we left our friend with our things to ride back with them to show the place. We went on into town to the mall to pick up other basic things to get us started, we ate dinner and then headed back as it was already getting dark. We called our other friend Ben to ask if he knew of any places that had mattresses….We found some on the way back home and had no room so we had to tie them to the roof of the car. Matt and Ben can tell you that you should make sure that you don’t tie the very doors that you need to get back into shut when attaching the mattresses. They had to climb in the windows, it was quite the sight. Anyway we got home, Matt had to go get the rest of the bags from the hotel, we were able to set up the beds and went to sleep about 2am. Not a typical day however not too far from life when you have to get things done, it tends to take way longer than expected.

Tuesday We finally have some wheels of our own our first van! IMG_20150512_174922We went to the center today and I am excited for what the future can hold. We set a plan to have a meeting on Monday and I am excited to kick off a refreshed version of Rising Star Ministries. Having the kids there today helped me to figure out more of how I am going to balance them and the ministry. Jacob was fascinated by the roaming cows and the local water pump, plus of course soccer. Parker was able to fall to sleep and take a nap in the office which gave me the opportunity to talk with Agnes and keep a lookout for Jacob. I am excited as the kids are returning back to school on Monday from their holiday break and I want to start a project with them on Saturdays before training. The idea is to motivate them to think about the future, about what it could hold for them and to help them to realize their dreams and how to pursue them.

The idea is to ask them to think about what they want to be when they grow up, how they think they will achieve that goal. I want to also know what their parents do for work and what schooling they had. I hope to get a back story to their lives and what it will take to help them achieve their goals. I want to then put the kids with the same goals together in groups so that I can work with each of them on a plan to achieve those future goals. I plan on finding local people who are in those professions and interviewing them and also hopefully having them come and speak to the kids to help inspire them to dream big and work hard to achieve their goals. I am hoping this will increase their motivation to work hard in school and in life as they can see themselves as being able to achieve what others in their country have been able to achieve.

I also plan to document a few stories and track the progress, parallel it to kids in America who I am also getting similar information from and then make a small documentary or book to inspire and motivate others. A big idea that I hope with some effort and hard work will turn out how I have it envisioned in my head.

Tomorrow The plan is to get our washer hooked up, repairs to the house that needed to be finished, like tiles in the bathroom and other little things. We also are supposed to get our furniture pieces that we ordered. We have a few touches here and there to finish the place to fully make it our own.  Then when the shipment arrives in a few months we will really have all of our things like pictures and a few furniture items we wanted to keep from our home in the states. The future is promising and we are still trusting God in all things, including his continued timing and direction with everything.

IMG_20150512_144955 IMG_20150512_145005IMG_20150512_150246



3 thoughts on “It’s only the beginning

  1. is there a way I can send soccer balls and/or flip flops for the kids? how about water purification related stuff? I know there’s probably lots of ways to donate money but I prefer in-kind donations when possible…

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