Travel tips with kids

So I had written this as I was travelling many miles through air and port with too many bags and two children, and felt it necessary to spare some sanity to the next individual who decides to travel with kids.

Now my experience was a bit extreme considering I was moving my family so I was bringing way more than one might bring on a short trip or even a longer than normal trip. We travelled thousands of miles on 3 different planes and over a three day time period, due to layovers and the like.

When travelling with kids it is a balance to bring all the necessities, but to also be able to carry everything. Note the kids although very able bodies to help are not reliable. Their moods shifts…when the gate is too far, the line for security is very slow or overcrowded. Other crazy moments include getting on and off the not so roomy airplane isles. Snacks are also something necessary if you are trying to keep your trip budget friendly and to avoid the high costs at the airport, but that is also a balance you don’t want too many snacks because that either becomes another bag or a very heavy bag. This also is a balance with getting your kids to actually eat “real” food when the time comes they won’t because they have snacked too much, then when mealtime is over and you are at the ticket counter or boarding that’s when they are starving and all chaos irrupts.  I packed snack bags for each of them small enough to fit in a snack size Ziploc, that’s what I did right…I won’t get into what I did wrong.

Next good idea that when executed can be great. Double umbrella stroller for the not so cooperative walkers in your family. You can hook some bags and any blankets or pillows you may have decided your kids would do better with, but if you don’t get the right strollers it can just be another headache. For example your kids may decide they don’t want to ride in the strollers they want to either push the strollers or run off with you lugging them and all the other things they decided they didn’t want to carry themselves. The threat to leave things behind, is stupid and you and they know it, because you want to keep those things because when they are about to melt down you need those items to help calm the situation down.

Finally I conclude with this grand idea, no delayed flights, no long layovers, no gate changes, no idle waiting on the runway, no kids, free food, teleportation, happy people and kids at all times.


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