Mary Poppins is my hero…

So the kiddos fell asleep to Mary Poppins, they didn’t even get to the first good part when they are putting the toys away. We started our first day of “school” since the kids around here also started school back up today. The schedule is basically in school for three months at a time with one of the breaks being a longer one during what would be winter in the states some of November all the way through the beginning of February.

The goal for us is to use these next few months to basically clean the slate make necessary repairs and have training for staff. Refocus and motivate the staff for the future. We also want to build that bond and trust with the kids, as the current children in the program have not spent as much time with our family as the previous children did. The children that we started the program with are starting University and finishing up high school.

I would like to be able to invite those original Rising Stars back during the holiday time to help in motivating and encouraging the next Rising Stars and to be a part of getting them excited for what is in store for the future.

On the home front I am continuing to try and get a good schedule down for the kiddos and to lay that foundation of learning and discipline to prepare for continued learning and future longer days of schooling. It is an adjustment for me and the kids to have structure and a plan in this new environment.

I am doing what I can with the little supplies I have, and look forward to our shipment coming to get some of those useful educational tools I packed. We will also be getting a desk for Jacob and myself which I think will make things more organized and hopefully motivating.

We did well though this morning as we practiced writing and learning the calendar, names, age and birth date. We worked on math using his action figures, as well as following directions. We are reading in the book of Daniel and learned about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego at least the first chapter.

We have a big day on Wednesday celebrating Parker’s 2nd birthday, I will be sure to write all about it. Until then let the adventures continue, God Bless.


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