Adapting…things you may be interested in knowing

So we are on week three here in Uganda, though it feels like we have been gone from our family for longer, yet here a short time. As my kids adapt to this new life, I thought it might be fun for you to get a glimpse into our lives. Some insight into how our kids see things and just some fun facts about life here in Uganda. Let us start with home life, we are renting a home about 10-15 minutes from our current ministry center, what would take probably 5 minutes if we had paved roads.


(first pic, view down and second view up)

We live in a quiet area as it is being developed almost every home around us is in the process of being finished or built. Which I guess makes for quiet nights and busy days. All you really hear is goats bleating, roosters calling and birds chirping (tranquil for some and annoying for others). In fact some beautiful birds are around our home one a hummingbird, decided it wanted to come in the house, thankfully it quickly went out. The kids love to point out the animals they see, even the same ones you just saw the day before.

We have a brick wall that is plastered with a barb wire running along the top that surrounds our compound, and a front gate that slides open to let the vehicle in/out, plus a door to go in and out. Why? Because simply put that is how single family homes are built, or even larger compounds. You will see this in the city and in the country, in this region of Uganda. The better the home the more security you have, even if you feel safe, which we do.

Speaking of security, many hire a guard and we even had one in the past when we lived here before. But we prefer to use a dog, and are working on that as we continue to get settled. As for now I am the gate keeper, meaning I have to open and close the heavy gate when Matt wants to get the car inside. We have asked the kids what they would name the dog, “Well if its black and white we could just name it Hercules, just like our dog from Nebraska.” Jacob said very matter of fact.


Our compound is a good size and we look forward to letting the kids ride their bikes and things out front when we get those types of things to play with. Every house has what they call a veranda and ours is a good size, basically a porch leading to the house. Our front door is a sliding door and then a security gate behind that. There are lots of windows and all are sliding which is a new idea here. They all have decorative and functioning security bars on them for added security. We hope to figure out a way to make screens though to utilize the cooler weather in the evenings and leave out the bugs. The kids love to go in and out all the time, and play with the reflective mirror on the outside (at one point the only mirror we had at our home.)


Bugs that would be the next topic, we have ants, flies, gnats and mosquitoes. That is basically the normal bugs we encounter daily. We also have lizards, geckos whatever they are that I don’t mind because they are bug eaters and harmless. However when they randomly run across your wall when you open a door it is a bit startling. The kids have gotten bit several times, Jacob having the worst of reactions, he has been getting what looks like blisters when he gets bit. He is a bandaid wearing fool these days, as he hates any mark on his body and must make it all better with a bandaid. So if you ever send a care package, include those, we will always be able to use those with this kid. No malaria, praise the Lord, our bed nets are working in that regard as well as of course prayers.

It is rainy season, but not a lot of rain has been falling, and no one really knows how long the season will go as they say it started later this year. We rely on rain water for our water source as this is a developing area, the main line has not yet been routed this way. We actually had to purchase water to put in our tanks yesterday as we had run out. We try very hard to conserve water, while still staying clean and sanitary around here. It is no easy task that’s for sure. We have a sink in our dining room, a very common feature so guests can wash without going into the kitchen or bathrooms. Jacob has been very helpful with Parker making sure she doesn’t waste water. Parker’s favorite saying is of course “wash your hands with wahwah and soap”.


Lastly, I have been working hard on trying to figure out what to do with Jacob and his academic and social adaption here. I am still working on it but have found some information to research. The hardest for me is figuring out how to best integrate yet educate the way I want as it pertains to his American culture, and Ugandan culture. Along with positive socialization, Biblical teaching, and overall education. For now with the little resources we have we are learning and playing at home until we can figure it out. So pray for that especially as cost, distance and peace of mind are all challenges faced in this area.

We plan to do a youtube video of our home soon when we get the remainder of our furniture in place, so be on the lookout for that. There will be a link on our website

But here are a few pictures until then.


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