What’s so different?

Well it happened Jacob almost made me cry by saying he wanted to live back in Nebraska. We asked why and he said because he missed his friends. It is true we haven’t made many friends, I mean everywhere we go he has kids wanting to say hello and greet him, touch him and play. He just hasn’t really enjoyed playing with them for very long. It is different, they don’t talk to him about the things he is interested in. Like action figures and cars, or certain cartoon shows and movies. He isn’t in their homes playing around with their toys and playing with the outdoor playground. He isn’t in school and even Sunday school is lots different. Basically he is over the whole staying with mom and not being able to just go explore. We have some work to do, it’s only the beginning and time with change things but it still hurts. So today we are going to skype some friends back home and hopefully that will help until we can get a routine and some normalcy around here. Granted it will be a different normal but it will be good.


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