Ruth and Truth

With the world looking to social media for affirmation on what they believe you can find your point of view supported by someone. Sometimes I wonder if the articles that would have been written even 5 years ago would have never been seen like they do today. It is interesting to see how many people write on what they believe to be truth. It is also interesting for me being a “blogger” that literally anyone can write on a topic. I think with this realization that I am trying to put more importance on basing my truth on the Bible and not just my opinion on the matter. I generally stay away from controversial topics in regard to commenting or reposting because frankly I don’t like having discussions via typing. I like to talk about topics in person so I can really feel out the situation and filter when necessary. It’s not always a good thing to speak your mind when you need to really pause and reflect and gain more information before putting YOUR truth out there.

I was reading Ruth recently and afterward I was prompted to break down the chapter and write out what I thought was the important pieces necessary to retell the story without reading it word for word. I then thought what that story would look like in modern day or rather how could the story be rewritten to express the meaning it wanted to convey?

Here is my silly modern day twist on the story of Ruth:

Bob moves his wife and two sons to California for more opportunity, due to the severe drought of jobs in Nebraska. His kids find wives, but tragically the three men die in a car wreck. The young wives are very close to their mother in laws because their parents live far away. One daughter decides she will move back home with her parents, but one daughter decides it would be best to take care of her mother in law. The weather turns for the best and it is now looking to be best to move back to Nebraska it is corn harvest time and they can find work among the friends they left behind. So Mary and Lisa move to Nebraska, where Lisa finds a job with a distant relative of Bob. She is a hard worker and is noticed as such by the head farmer, he makes sure she is taken care of. She is grateful and asks if she could work for minimum wage, he grants her request but allows her to work as much as she wants allowing for overtime pay. She lets her mother in law know what her day was like and her wise mother says that she should make sure she works harder, longer and to the best of her ability. She encourages her to clean herself up, put on some nice clothes and perfume and go to the banquet that is being held for the employees of the farmer Mr. Johnson. Lisa makes sure to blend in and not seek out attention, and when it is best to talk to Mr. Johnson alone she does. She again thanks him for his generosity and asks that he would consider to let her continue to work throughout the entire holiday. He is pleased with her hard work and over time he falls in love with her for not only her beauty but also her loyalty and kindness. He talks with another family member who has been making sure that Mary and Lisa are cared for, and asks to marry Lisa. Lisa and Mr. Johnson get married and have children who later make big impacts on the world globally. The end.

I am sure that there is a deeper meaning that could be conveyed and someone probably could tell it better, but I gave it a shot. The lesson that I get out of reading about Ruth is that she was loyal, hardworking and trustworthy. Because of her faithfulness she was blessed with more than she ever thought she could. When you think you’re down and out, just remember the perseverance of Ruth, and her amazing character.

To tie a little bow around my ramblings, don’t look to the world for your importance. Don’t look to the world for their truth for you, seek ye first the kingdom of heaven. Basically call on God to help you and guide your decisions, back up those thoughts with scripture and find someone who can mentor you. Ruth I believe was able to make good decisions by seeking Godly counsel and listening to what God was also telling her. In the end she was blessed with a husband, family and a legacy that is still impacting the world today (great grandson was David fyi).


One thought on “Ruth and Truth

  1. I love you Brecka and your heart! I love reading your posts and miss being close you. However, I am so incredibly proud of you and Matt and what you are doing (obeying Gods will for your life!) what a perfect story for you to be reading for what you are doing. I know God will and is blessing your family. You and your family are always in our prayers. 🙂

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