Care Package

So I was thinking about what would be nice to get in a care package that we can’t really get here. I started a list but really had no real good ideas except little reward stickers and movies for the kids. So I asked Jacob and here is his list.

Jacob’s list

My own Computer

Big coloring pencils like Parker has

Pretend toy cat- pull string that makes it talk

Stickers that I can wear on my shirt


Big Hero 6

More chocolate from Todd’s Bakery


Good fruit snacks (Scooby doo)

Spiderman costume (2 to go with my two masks one for me and one for Parker)

Toy house with little people

Jacob says that’s all and Parker says she doesn’t want anything, Jacob chimes in that he will just share.

Pretty funny kid.

I was actually able to think of things after Jacob said his list. I figured I could be just as random and wishful.

My list

Poptarts- brown sugar

Flavored oatmeal- maple and brown sugar (impossible to recreate the flavor and texture)


Nail polish and remover

Foundation that isn’t just for dark skin

Face lotion with spf that doesn’t leave my face a grease ball

Glue sticks

Any good books

It is strange how I go to the mall here and attempt to find things, usually kid or craft related and I can’t find it or it is not in the budget. I was saying the other day how nice it would be to just go to Target or Michaels and find whatever I needed and of course use a coupon or get a percentage off. Granted I can get some great deals if I work hard for it and there are plenty of things that are super cheap. People have asked what we would want in a care package and how to send it to us. If your in Omaha, give stuff to my mom Cindy she works at the church so that would be easiest. If you are in Michigan then Matt’s mom would be the go to person.

Honestly we don’t NEED things but it is a nice thought.  Really all we need is your prayers, kind words and thoughts. But if you enjoy giving gifts then by all means. If you need any info send a facebook message or email and we can answer your questions there. Update things are going well here. We are adapting nicely and really starting to get into a good routine balancing ministry and life. We have some help with the kids on days that I need to go into work, her name is Jackie and she is great. We only have her for a few months until she starts going to college but we are utilizing her as much as needed until then. We have been doing lots of training and revamping things with the ministry and are excited to put into place those things. It’s been a full week with the dogs and we have had some loud nights but hoping that the barking starts to calm down. They are getting used to the kids and overall doing well. The power has been good here, water is coming when it needs to but it would be nice if they would finish with the connection to the main line. Internet has been touch and go but it just means I have to type in advance and pray it sends when I am ready. Blessings to you all as you enjoy your summer months and be thinking about next year making a trip out here to see us J. Speaking of that we do have some great things going on at the new land too and hope to be able to utilize some of the space there, Matt will be posting pictures soon of the before and after pics. Until next time, God Bless.


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