When you’re kids run you ragged

First off I love my kids and am blessed to have them. They are amazing and that’s why they are exhausting. I have been a mother for four years and you would think with time it would get easier. Oh contraire it is definitely getting harder. I am seeing now why some mommas sing the hallelujah chorus when their kids are old enough for school. It gives you a break at least for a few hours to regroup and get together a game plan for when they are home with you. I don’t know how mothers of more than one do it, or those that homeschool, which I am doing currently. It is so hard to balance life with structure, play time, attention, independence, guidance, trust and the list could go on and does.

I realize that my kids already learn differently, I see the difference in how they interact with others and how they go through life. Jacob is turning four this weekend he is my Fourth of July firecracker baby. He is so smart, can hear and see things before most know what’s going on, he is smart and picks up on things quickly. He is also very stubborn, he can wait you out and wear you down into giving in.  He doesn’t like to be left alone, even if that means you are just in the room with him. He loves to talk through movies and explain what he sees and can remember parts to movies and stories moments and months later. He needs attention when he is doing something that he doesn’t really enjoy, but you are making him do; for example school work. He longs for friends, but it takes a certain friend for him to actually want to spend time with you. He is sensitive and can be a cuddle bug, but he can also be rude and mean spirited when he is in a bad mood. He loves sweet and salty things, thank goodness we have steered clear of pop with him because he would be addicted. He gets red and hot easily, but loves to play and get dirty (especially when it’s rainy and muddy). He loves his family and would defend his sister from anyone who is trying to mess with her.

Parker is two and my other crazy kid, she loves to dance and sing.  She hates wearing clothes and very rarely wants her hair up in a nice bow. She says she is a princess and at times will say she is a baby too. This is unfortunately a nickname and a common way that she is referred to in Uganda “hi, baby”. She loves being near mom and will also give a good cuddle with dad when moms not available. She also loves being held, unless it means she is being kept from getting into something or she sees something she wants to do or touch. She is my eater, but Jacob is also getting there with consumption, however she is not as picky. She can be a bit of a diva when she knows that mom will give in and share her food. She also loves her candy, but has not mastered gum as thankfully it has only stuck to her butt and not in her hair PTL. She is also a dirt collector and only gets upset when she falls and gets dirty, but doesn’t mind when it is just from her digging in the dirt. She doesn’t like movies, but does like some cartoons.  She still takes naps and gets to a breaking point if you don’t hold her or have her in the car seat to take a nap. Just the other day I was trying to finish up with a class with the Rising Star kids and she was just not cooperating.  I held her and continued teaching and she fell asleep in my arms even though it was loud. She hates bugs and fears animals unless they are at a distance or she gets to know them well.

Every day, I have the choice to either be patient, loving, kind, and nurturing mom or lose my mind, sad, upset, disappointed mom. It at times is a moment to moment kind of thing and that it is why it is so important for me to have that time with my Bible, time to myself and to have an open dialog with God throughout my day. I am still trying to figure out this mom thing, but hopeful and prayerful that they learn to love God and love others the two greatest commandments. I wouldn’t mind if they also obeyed their parents too.

Prayers welcome!


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